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April 13, 2011 / gutties

Vincentius Bishop of Cracow

Vincentius, also known as Magister Vincentius, Wincenty Kadłubek, was Bishop of Cracow [Pol. Kraków] (1208–1218) and the first native Polish chronicler. His work, the Chronica Polonorum was the second work to chronicle the early history of Poland and its rulers, both mythical and historical. The first three books of the Chronica are written in the form of a dialogue between Archbishop Jan of Gniezno (1148–1165) and Bishop Mateusz of Kraków (1143/1144–1166), while the fourth is a narrative. Among the sources used by Vincentius are oral tradition, the Gesta of Anonymus known as , and Vincentius’ own experiences. The language and composition of the Chronica reflect Vincentius’ erudition and literary style acquired during his studies in Western Europe and show various influences; chiefly Cistercian. There is no English translation of the Chronica. Work on a translation, has been underway for some time and been challenged by various problems of interpretation.